The Benevolent Engineers

Crew and Lab



It’s a collaborative project for knowledge diffusion (theoretical and practical) applied to various domains, mainly technical.


Principle :


Operations will be articulated around a conception, construction and learning workshop –

a LOCAL (Laboratoire Ouvert de Construction Alternative)


Members will gather to exchange ideas around physical or digital objects/systems projects aimed to satisfy individual or collective needs.


They will be supported by ULP staff in order to realize: perform calculations and engineering drawings then materialize by construction of unique models/prototypes by using machinery and equipment available in the LOCAL.






For those with no specific project in mind but simply willing to acquire some technical knowledge (Theoretical, like usage of design software. Practical, like usage of machinery), the lab will offer introduction or advanced trainings open to everyone and a reasonable costs.

Other domains, more traditional (metal work, woodwork, ceramics work, painting, photography…), will also be available.


The training will be performed by ULP staff as well as other members, proficient in their own respective domains. In return, they will be given “knowledge credits” opening access to other training for them to learn new skills.






Projects and actions supported by ULP will be aligned on themes, “our values”, which are the following:


Directional Themes :

  • Innovation and digital
  • Techniques for sustainable and fair growth







Transverse themes :

  • Continuity and growth of collective knowledge
  • Economic stimulation, employment and integration
  • Social bonding, cultural exchanges and sports








ULP’s line of action can be summarized as follows:


Make accessible to the many some technical resources (knowledge and equipment) that are usually only available within large scale laboratories (public or private).

This amounts to popularizing the usage of a certain amount of design and realization tools; and doing so, facilitating small scale innovation, in an enriching collective context, centered on targeted themes.







Implanted close to Cahors (Lot, France), ULP intends to “attempt the maneuverer” of building its lab and rehabilitating the building known as “House of the Birds”.


This provides the organization with an additional target of heritage preservation which, among other things, will initiate a local dynamic, constructive innovative, in a rural context.


ULP will then be able to use the created image in order to unroll its communication and development strategy…